[2024] Synthesia Review – Professional Choice in AI Video Generators

Welcome to this in-depth Synthesia Review, where we’ll delve into every aspect of this powerful AI Video Generators.

Synthesia AI was established in 2017 by Victor Riparbelli and a team of AI experts and business leaders from esteemed institutions. It empowers individuals to produce high-quality video content without the need for cameras, microphones, or studios.

By integrating generative AI, voiceover, and editing, Synthesia creates top-notch training videos. It provides various features such as AI avatars and voices, text-to-speech, and an AI script assistant to simplify the video creation process.

Users can personalize an AI avatar to resemble and sound like themselves and access a wide collection of over 65 professional video templates.

Synthesia’s capability to swiftly produce AI avatar videos distinguishes it from traditional video creation methods. With a selection of over 150 AI avatars speaking in more than 120 languages, content creators can tailor their videos to align with their branding and communication.

1. The quick verdict of Synthesia Review

Synthesia Review
Synthesia Review

We conducted tests on Synthesia and produced instructional and educational videos using the platform. It received a score of 4.8/5 in our evaluations, ranking highest in its category. We compared it to similar tools like HeyGen and Visme.

Synthesia excelled in terms of user-friendliness and the variety of options available. It boasts a wide selection of avatar choices and language options.

Our team utilized Synthesia to produce videos of various kinds, experimenting with different avatars, languages, and accents. We even gathered feedback from other users on their experience with Synthesia.

After carefully considering its strengths and weaknesses, we have compiled this review of Synthesia, aiming to provide all the pertinent information to assist you in making an informed decision.

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2. Professional Review of Synthesia 

2.1. PROS

No need for film production: It allows you to generate videos using just text, eliminating the requirement for appearing on camera.

Various multimedia options: With over 65 video templates available, you can easily incorporate your content and access a wide range of royalty-free images, footage, music, icons, shapes, and more.

Diverse selection of avatars: It offers a broad array of culturally diverse AI avatars and language options for creating global content.

Automatic embedding updates: Any changes made to a video on the Synthesia platform will automatically reflect on your video landing pages.

2.2. CONS

Synthetic Avatars: The avatars lack diverse facial expressions and are unable to convey human emotions, resulting in videos that appear robotic and impersonal. This can significantly impact the connection with the audience, diminishing the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Lack of integration with media: Avatar facial movements slow down to synchronize with variables and phrases, resulting in awkward and unnatural speech. Unfortunately, this can create a sense of insincerity, further devaluing the connection.

Limited scalability: While creating Synthesia videos may be more efficient than filming, users still need to manually produce each video. This lack of scalability means that the potential return on investment for this product is limited.

Lack of personalization: While generating one-off videos can be useful in certain situations, it does not offer the same benefits as personalized videos tailored to each recipient. Personalized videos have higher engagement, open rates, and viewing times compared to generic videos, and can increase conversions by 500%.

3. Synthesia Overview

3.1. Who should use Synthesia and why?

If you’re looking to produce a video without appearing in it and without the expense of renting equipment, location, and hiring actors, then Synthesia is the perfect solution for you. Whether you’re a YouTuber, marketing professional, blogger, entrepreneur, or anyone in need of professional videos, Synthesia is an ideal tool.

It’s great for various purposes such as learning, development, sales enablement, customer service, information security, and marketing. With Synthesia, you can move away from using PDFs and PowerPoint presentations and transition to more engaging videos. It provides a human touch, thanks to artificial intelligence.

It not only assists in creating videos but also allows you to customize and edit them according to your specific requirements.

3.2. Synthesia’s Main Features

AI avatars

AI avatars
AI avatars

It provides a wide range of ethnically and culturally diverse avatars that are capable of delivering professional video presentations. With over 140 avatars available, each one offers unique voices, accents, and expressions.

Languages, Voices, and Accents

Languages, Voices, and Accents
Languages, Voices, and Accents

It offers support for a variety of voice tones, accents, and languages, with over 120 options available when creating a video. If English is not your first language, there’s no need to worry as Synthesia also supports numerous other languages such as Chinese, German, Korean, Dutch, and more.

Ease of Video Creation

Ease of Video Creation
Ease of Video Creation

Simply choose an avatar and input your script into the text-to-speech box. Your selected avatar will then use human-like expressions and body language to read it out.

Customized Avatars

If you desire an avatar that resembles and speaks like you, it offers the option to create your own avatar for a one-time additional cost, which you can then feature in your videos.

Subtle Movements

In addition to the human-like expressions used by the avatars, you can incorporate subtle movements such as raising eyebrows or nodding in your videos. These small gestures enhance the realism of the avatars.

Voice Replication

You have the ability to replicate your voice and use it alongside your avatar. The AI will mimic the tone and accent of your voice accurately.

More features at: Synthesia 

4. Pricing and Plans

Pricing and Plans
Pricing and Plans

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5. Synthesia Alternatives and How They Compare

Synthesia Alternatives and How They Compare
Synthesia Alternatives and How They Compare

Try all in this list: Synthesia or Heygen or Colossyan or D-ID

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6. Our Expert Opinion

After more than 12 years of developing corporate training materials, I can confidently say that this is the best training product I have ever utilized. Here’s why:

• Exceptional customer service: The knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff provide outstanding support.
• User-friendly interface: It’s enjoyable to use and experiment with, thanks to its simplicity.
• Abundant, high-quality learning materials: In-depth training videos complement the already extensive program.
• Affordable pricing: Considering its top-notch features and resources, it provides excellent value.

These are the reasons why I easily selected this as my primary tool for creating corporate training videos.

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