[2024] QuillBot Review – The best choice in AI Writing!

Welcome to this in-depth QuillBot Review, where we’ll delve into every aspect of this powerful AI Writing.

In recent years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become dominant forces in the field of writing. This Quillbot review will explore an impressive online tool designed to rephrase content in accordance with academic writing standards. QuillBot is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that aims to simplify reading, comprehension, and learning by rewriting content.

The Quillbot team claims that millions of people worldwide use their tool for various purposes, spanning from academics to business. One of the primary uses of Quillbot is to create easily understandable content by rephrasing sentences from existing articles. Additionally, we will examine other features of this tool, including the capability to generate paraphrases, quotes, and summarize text, among others.

1. The quick verdict of QuillBot Review – Best Tool For Content Editor

QuillBot Review - Best Tool For Content Editor
QuillBot Review – Best Tool For Content Editor

If you’re in need of an efficient rephrasing tool, QuillBot offers a cost-effective solution with high-quality functionality. Similar to other machine learning writing software, the most advanced features and functionality are not accessible in the free plan.

However, it does deliver quality results for those who can invest in it. Despite this, even with Quillbot Premium, the tool doesn’t match the capability of producing content of Google’s standard like some other tools such as Jasper AI, leaving room for improvement in machine learning.

Nevertheless, it represents a positive step towards generating improved and more readable articles based on the input of a source piece of content.

$79.95/yr for the annual subscription

Try QuillBot now – 3-day money back

2. Professional Review of QuillBot

2.1. PROS

  • Free account usage with generous benefits
  • Paid accounts with advanced features and limits
  • Utilize the grammar checker instead of Grammarly
  • Create paraphrases, summaries, and citations
  • Access the Google Doc and Chrome Extension
  • Enjoy a 100% money-back guarantee within a 72-hour period

2.2. CONS

  • Free accounts are limited to only 2 writing modes.
  • Unlike Jasper AI, GPT-4 AI free writing is not available.
  • Users often need to manually intervene to select the sentence structure and synonyms that are most suitable.

3. QuillBot Overview

3.1. Who should use QuillBot and why?

QuillBot is available for use by a wide range of individuals, including students and bloggers, who require top-notch content.

Essentially, anyone seeking to enhance their writing quality, save time, and steer clear of plagiarism can benefit from QuillBot. The tool is particularly advantageous for students, offering a variety of student-friendly features such as the plagiarism checker, summarizer, and QuillBot Flow. Students can utilize the summarizer to produce annotated bibliographies and then employ the citation generator to complement these summaries.

The QuillBot Flow function is effective as an all-in-one text editor. With the research feature, users can avoid switching between windows and automatically generate in-text citations to prevent unintentional plagiarism. This setup can help minimize distractions during the writing process.

However, for non-academic bloggers, QuillBot Flow may not be as user-friendly as other AI writing tools available. It could be beneficial for rewriting AI-detectable paragraphs, although the rewrites may still be detectable at times, making it inconsistent in beating the AI detector.

3.2. QuillBot Main features

3.2.1. The Paraphraser

Quillbot AI offers a paraphrasing tool that allows writers to reword text while maintaining its core message. It is a valuable resource for students and aspiring writers, and it does not require users to sign up for an account. Users can choose between “Fewer Changes” or “More Changes,” and premium users have access to the most extensive adjustments.

Paraphrase Modes

QuillBot AI helps users by rephrasing and improving text. It offers seven different modes, each designed for specific goals, to improve the quality and readability of written content. Whether aiming for clarity, professionalism, creativity, or conciseness, QuillBot AI has a mode to meet your requirements.

Here is an example sentence I added to the paraphraser text input area:

“It was a tough match. After three hours of immense struggle, I was able to get the job done.”

1. Standard Mode

Standard Mode is the default setting, aiming to balance text modification for clarity and fluency while preserving the original meaning. The outcome is a polished text that retains its natural flow and readability.

Upon clicking the Rephrase button, Quillbot promptly provided a reworded output in Standard Mode. It’s worth noting that the extent of paraphrasing depends on the level of synonyms set in the Synonyms bar to the right of the Modes bar above the content. The higher the level, the more freedom you grant Quillbot to alter the words of the original content.

The ensuing result was generated with a low Synonyms bar:

“It was a challenging game. I had to struggle for three hours before I was able to finish the task.”

Standard Mode - Low Synonyms
Standard Mode – Low Synonyms

The following result was generated with a maximum level of Synonyms:

“It was a challenging game. I had to battle for three hours before I was able to finish the task.”

Standard Mode - Higher Synonyms
Standard Mode – Higher Synonyms

By altering just a single word, you can observe minimal change, but when working with larger sections of text, Quillbot will introduce a greater variety of synonyms.

2. Fluency Mode

In Fluency Mode, QuillBot AI guarantees that the text is grammatically correct and easily understandable. It makes only essential corrections, mainly focusing on grammar and ensuring the text flows naturally. It minimizes the use of synonyms to maintain the original meaning.

We paraphrased the same content in Fluency mode. It generated the following output:

“It was a difficult match. I completed the task after three hours of intense effort.”

Fluency mode
Fluency mode

3. Formal Mode

Formal Mode is the best option for individuals operating in academic or professional settings. It enhances the text to convey a more refined and professional tone, rendering it appropriate for business reports, academic papers, and formal documents.

We paraphrased the same content in Formal Mode. It generated the following output:

It was a difficult match. After three hours of arduous effort, I was able to complete the task.

Formal Mode
Formal Mode

4. Academic Mode

Afterwards, we rephrased the identical information in Academic Mode. In contrast to other modes, it lacks a Synonyms bar. Instead, it appears to provide the content with additional details and wording appropriate for an academic context.

It generated the following output:

The contest was challenging. Following a prolonged period of three hours, characterized by significant exertion and effort, I successfully completed the task at hand.

Academic Mode
Academic Mode

5. Simple Mode

Simple Mode makes the text easier to grasp, ensuring it’s clear and understandable for a wider audience. It’s a great option when you need clear and direct communication.

We paraphrased the same content in Simple Mode. It generated the following output:

It was a hard game. I was able to finish the job after three hours of hard work.

Simple Mode
Simple Mode

6. Creative Mode

If you want to explore your creative side and craft completely original content, Creative Mode is the perfect choice. This mode significantly transforms the text, possibly changing its initial meaning. It’s a valuable resource for content creators aiming to infuse a new perspective into their writing.

We paraphrased the same content in Creative Mode. It generated the following output:

That was one intense contest. It took me three hours of relentless effort, but I finally completed the task at hand.

Creative Mode
Creative Mode

7. Expand Mode

Expand Mode serves as an ideal tool for individuals seeking to augment the length of their text. By incorporating additional words and elaborating on details, it upholds the essence of the original meaning. This mode is particularly beneficial for endeavors demanding a greater word count.

We paraphrased the same content in Expand Mode. It generated the following output:

It was a difficult match to watch. I had to put in a lot of effort for three hours before I was finally successful in completing the task.

Expand Mode - Low Synonyms
Expand Mode – Low Synonyms

Then, we produced an output with a high level of Synonyms as follows:

“The contest was a challenging one. I was able to finish the work, despite the fact that it took me three hours of intense effort.”

Expand Mode - High Synonyms
Expand Mode – High Synonyms

8. Shorten Mode

Shorten Mode is your solution for trimming down the word count without losing your text’s essence. By removing unnecessary words and phrases, it presents a concise version of your content while preserving its core meaning.

Lastly, we paraphrased the same content in Shorten Mode. It generated the following output:

The match was hard. I finished after three hours of intense struggle.

Shorten Mode
Shorten Mode

Paraphraser Statistics

The ‘Statistics’ tool provides valuable information about text complexity and readability, assisting writers in tailoring their style to specific tones and audiences. Premium subscribers gain access to tonality analysis, which evaluates reader perceptions to improve persuasive writing. Using the “Fluency” mode with the same content has generated the following statistics.

Paraphraser Statistics
Paraphraser Statistics

The Statistics of the generated content are based on the following aspects:

  • Average words in a sentence
  • Average Syllables in a word
  • Readability
  • Sentence Count
  • Word Count
  • Character Count
  • Percent Change
  • Longest Unchanged Words

Paraphraser Settings

Paraphraser Settings
Paraphraser Settings

The “Settings” feature within the Paraphraser tool allows users to customize how their content is paraphrased and how the results are presented on the interface. When it comes to paraphrasing the content, users can choose the following options:

  • Paraphrase quotations
  • Use contractions
  • Prefer active voice

Regarding the Interface options, users have the ability to select from the following:

  • Use yellow highlight
  • Show tooltips
  • Show legend
  • Show changed words
  • Show structural changes
  • Show the longest unchanged words

Overall, these settings offer users greater control and facilitate easier identification of alterations made to their content.

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Paraphraser Compare Modes

Compare Modes is an exclusive feature accessible only to premium users, providing a holistic perspective on how a sentence changes across different modes within the platform. This functionality empowers users to assess and select the most fitting rendition for their content by comparing diverse paraphrased versions. To access Compare Modes, find and click on the designated icon in the settings bar situated on the right side of the page.

Paraphraser Compare Modes
Paraphraser Compare Modes

Once activated, Compare Modes opens a sidebar on the right side of the screen, showing the original sentence before paraphrasing and the outputs generated by all available modes simultaneously. The system defaults to displaying the effect produced by the mode used for paraphrasing the sentence. You can easily click the “Select” button beside the preferred text to choose your desired sentence, seamlessly replacing the paraphrased sentence in your results. Moreover, you have the option to further adjust individual sentence results by clicking on circular arrow icons or creating copies of them with a simple click on the copy icon. This robust feature empowers users to fine-tune their content based on their specific requirements and preferences, simplifying the content creation process.

Paraphraser History

Through the history feature, users can review all the prior content they’ve modified. In my case, upon checking my history, it displayed the most recent text that was paraphrased. It also provides information about the date and time when the content was modified.

Paraphraser History
Paraphraser History


The “Tone” feature in Quillbot AI paraphraser enables users to adjust and customize the emotional and stylistic tone of their paraphrased content. With this feature, users can select from a range of preset tones including casual, unfriendly, wordy, complex, and unclear. It ensures that the paraphrased text matches the intended style and purpose accurately. Whether aiming for a professional and academic tone or a friendly and conversational one, the Tone feature empowers users to create the appropriate mood for their writing.


Paraphrasing for Different Languages

Quillbot AI offers support for paraphrasing in 23 diverse languages. This extensive language support not only enhances the accessibility of the tool but also proves beneficial for refining content generated through Quillbot’s translator tool.

Paraphrasing for Different Languages
Paraphrasing for Different Languages

3.2.2. The Grammar Checker

Quillbot AI provides a user-friendly and free Grammar-checking feature that doesn’t necessitate sign-up. Upon pasting your text into Quillbot’s editor, it detects and highlights grammatical errors encompassing punctuation and spelling. The convenient “Fix All Errors” option enables swift correction of multiple issues simultaneously. This Grammar Checker elevates writing accuracy and uniformity by promptly identifying potential errors in red, streamlining the editing process. The real-time underlining and instant correction feature save writers time and enhance productivity.

For instance, here is an example sentence I added to the grammar checker text input area:

Manchester United signed Sofyan Amrabat on a season-long loan move from Fiorentina. The Morocco midfielder has been desperate to join Erik ten Hag’s team since getting linked to the Red Devils in June. However, Manchester United’s plans differed on Deadline Day as they wanted to sign Fulham’s Joao Palhinha instead.

When you paste the text into the Grammar Check, it will detect potential errors within the content. By placing your cursor on the underlined words, it will show you the errors individually.

The Grammar Checker
The Grammar Checker

After you’ve corrected all the errors, the tool will present you with the grammatically correct content.

Manchester United signed Sofyan Amrabat on a season-long loan deal from Fiorentina. The Morocco midfielder has been desperate to join Erik ten Hag’s team since getting linked to the Red Devils in June. However, Manchester United’s plans were different on Deadline Day, as they wanted to sign Fulham’s Joao Palhinha instead.

The Grammar Checker
The Grammar Checker

Moreover, it smoothly integrates with Quillbot’s Paraphrase tool, providing a comprehensive writing experience without requiring an account. Its grammar-checking feature is invaluable for writers aiming for error-free, professional content.

3.2.3. Summarizer

Quillbot AI offers a Summarizer tool that condenses lengthy texts or articles into shorter, more concise summaries, which proves highly beneficial for students, researchers, and professionals.

Users can select between Short and Long summarization options to manage the level of detail. The Short summarization provides a quick overview, ideal for grasping central ideas or quickly scanning through multiple articles. Conversely, the Long summarization offers a more comprehensive summary, suited for deeper analysis or gaining a thorough understanding of the text.

Quillbot AI’s Summarizer employs natural language processing to extract crucial information while maintaining the original context. It provides two summarization types: Key Sentences and Paragraph modes.

For example, by inputting a block of content into the summarizer text area and utilizing the Key Sentences feature, the tool generated five concise points summarizing the content effectively.


Changing the Summary Length can increase or decrease the depth of those points.

Summarizer - Summary Length
Summarizer – Summary Length

Selecting the Paragraph mode will provide a summary of the content in paragraph form.

Summarizer - Paragraph
Summarizer – Paragraph

Like the Key Sentences mode, the length of the summary can be changed by adjusting the Summary Length.

Summarizer - Summary Length
Summarizer – Summary Length

This feature streamlines research, study, and content review processes, enhancing productivity and comprehension for users across various fields.

3.2.4. Citation Generator

Citation Generator
Citation Generator

Quillbot’s Citation Generator is an invaluable tool that simplifies the typically intricate task of citing sources in academic and professional writing. It provides users with the option to select from diverse citation styles and formats, ensuring adherence to specific guidelines and educational requirements. This feature significantly alleviates the potential challenges associated with accurately attributing sources.

Citation Generator
Citation Generator

QuillBot’s Citation Generator supports popular citation styles such as APA, MLA, and Chicago, encompassing various reference types including books and websites. Its user-friendly interface allows for quick generation of both in-text and complete citations, which are clearly labeled and exportable to Microsoft Word. Automating this process saves users time and ensures accurate crediting of sources, proving highly advantageous for individuals engaged in research and academic writing projects.

3.2.5. The Plagiarism Checker

Quillbot AI offers a premium Plagiarism Checker, eliminating the necessity for external tools to verify content originality. Premium users can input their content into the checker and receive results within minutes, indicating whether the content is unique or plagiarized. Premium members can scan up to 20 pages per month using this tool, making it suitable for various content types, including research papers.

The Plagiarism Checker
The Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker offered by Quillbot is remarkable for its capacity to conduct plagiarism checks on research papers, allowing users to scan up to 20 pages (approximately 5000 words) each month. As a result, it emerges as a valuable resource for essayists and academic writers, guaranteeing the integrity and originality of their work.

Plagiarism detection is based on identical wordsminor changesparaphrased words, and omitted words.

3.2.6. The Translator

Quillbot AI offers a Translation feature enabling users to translate text into over 30 languages, breaking down language barriers for research and writing. It allows ad-free translation of up to 5,000 characters at once, incorporates integrated writing tools, and delivers swift and precise translations. The best part is that it’s entirely free, enhancing convenience and accessibility for writers and researchers.

As a test, I added a block of content in the German language. The translator automatically detected it as German.

The Translator
The Translator

Then all you need to do is select the language you want it translated to on the right and click the Translate button.

The Translator
The Translator

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3.2.7. Quillbot Extensions

The tool offers three convenient extensions and applications to enhance your writing experience across different platforms.

QuillBot Chrome Extension
QuillBot Chrome Extension

The Quillbot Google Chrome extension serves as a valuable tool for online writing. It smoothly integrates into your web browsing experience, enabling you to check grammar, paraphrase, and summarize online documents, emails, and social media posts. Furthermore, it ensures that your writing maintains a polished and error-free quality across the internet.

QuillBot for Word
QuillBot for Word

While working offline in Microsoft Word, this extension empowers users to tap into the complete capabilities of QuillBot. It aids in creating top-notch documents, reports, and essays, guaranteeing clarity and conciseness in writing, even when internet access is unavailable.

QuillBot for macOS
QuillBot for macOS

Quillbot provides Mac users with a browser-free desktop application, designed specifically for macOS. This standalone tool streamlines the writing process, delivering a seamless and efficient writing experience on your macOS device. Additionally, it caters to individuals who favor a dedicated desktop application for their writing requirements.

4. Pricing and Plans

Pricing and Plans - QuillBot review
Pricing and Plans

The Basic (Free) Plan enables users to test the tool before opting for a subscription. It allows paraphrasing of 125 words and offers access to Standard and Fluency modes, albeit with restricted use of the Synonym Slider. Additionally, users can summarize up to 1,200 words using the Summarizer mode under this plan.

The Annual Plan is priced at $4.17 per month, billed as $49.95 annually. The Semi-Annual Plan costs $6.66 per month, billed as $39.95 every six months. The Monthly Plan is available for $9.95 per month. Subscribing to any of these premium plans grants users the ability to paraphrase an unlimited number of words in the Paraphraser tool. The Summarizer feature allows summarization of up to 6,000 words, and users can fully utilize the Synonym Slider.

Try QuillBot now – 3-day money back

5. How Quillbot help your work?

Quillbot AI stands as a leading AI writing companion and paraphrasing software designed to enhance the quality of writing for all. It serves as an excellent AI rewriter tool, allowing users to edit, rephrase, and refine content professionally.

Offering grammar checking, plagiarism detection, and content summarization among its features, Quillbot AI significantly benefits academics, essayists, and writers. Crafting high-quality professional content can be time-intensive, but Quillbot streamlines the process by swiftly improving writing through AI-driven real-time suggestions and one-click solutions. Acting as an all-in-one solution, it replaces the need for multiple tools, making it cost-effective.

The software’s versatility accommodates a wide audience: students benefit from its various writing tools, while professional writers can efficiently collaborate and summarize lengthy texts. Whether composing an email, an essay, or a long-form blog article, integrating Quillbot AI into your writing toolkit can revolutionize the writing process and yield remarkable results.

6. QuillBotAlternatives and How They Compare

Paraphrasing Tool Price Comparison

PluginPriceFree Option 
🥈Jasper$49/Month✔️ (Free Trial) 
🥉WordAi$57/Month✔️ (Free Trial) 
6SpinRewriter$47/Month✔️ (Free Trial) 
8Hypotenuse$15/Month✔️ (Free Trial)

Paraphrasing Tool Feature Comparison

Features🥇 QuillBot🥈 Jasper🥉 WordAi
Chrome Extension✔️✔️
Unlimited Words✔️✔️❌ (Upto 3 Million word/mo)
Plagiarism Checker✔️✔️✔️
Grammar Checker✔️✔️
Different Languages Supported✔️✔️
Price for All Features$9.95/mo$49/mo$57/mo

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7. Our Expert Opinion

QuillBot, an AI-powered writing tool, offers a convenient and effective solution for users looking to enhance their writing. With its intuitive interface and advanced machine learning algorithms, QuillBot stands out for its paraphrasing feature, providing alternative wordings while maintaining original context. This capability is particularly useful for avoiding plagiarism and improving text readability. Additionally, its fluency mode aids in refining sentence structure, making content more engaging. Despite its strengths, users should be mindful of potential limitations in nuanced context and the tool’s effectiveness based on the complexity of the input. Overall, QuillBot serves as a valuable writing assistant, especially for tasks involving paraphrasing, language enhancement, and fluency improvements.

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