[2024] Top 5 Best Wired Earphones Choose By Smart Buyer!

Wired earphones continue to be a popular audio choice for many users in 2023. With countless options on the market, finding the best pair suited for your needs and budget can be challenging. This guide will go over the top 5 highest-rated wired earphones available, outlining the key features and full details of each to help you decide. Read on to discover which earphones are worthy of your investment this year.


When selecting the top wired earphones, critical factors like sound quality, comfort, design, extra features and value for money were evaluated. The earphones featured here were chosen based on extensive research, reviews and hands-on testing. These picks cover a range of budgets and preferences, from audiophile-grade sound to rugged sports earphones.

Key aspects assessed include the headphone drivers, sound isolation, fit, controls, accessories and overall aesthetics. With wired models still popular for their convenience, durability and often better audio fidelity over wireless, these earphones deliver the performance modern music listeners expect.

Summary Table of Best Wired Earphones

Earphones Key Features Price
SoundMagic E11C – Excellent value

– Rich, dynamic sound

From $29.99
JBL Endurance Run – Built for sports

– Secure twistlock fit

From $49.95
Sony MDRXB55AP – Powerful 12mm drivers

– Bass Duct technology

From $27.99
Moondrop Starfield Carbon – Elegant night sky design

– Carbon nanotube driver

From $109.99
1MORE Quad Driver – 4 balanced armature drivers

– Tuned frequency response

From $149.99

1. SoundMagic E11C

SoundMagic E11C

SoundMagic E11C

Key Features:

    • Excellent value earphones with rich, dynamic sound
    • Durable aluminum housing in subtle silver finish
    • Inline remote control compatible with Android and iOS

The SoundMagic E11C are hailed as the best wired earphones for providing excellent value for money in 2023. Despite their wired design, these next-generation in-ear headphones share many similarities with their wireless counterparts.

SoundMagic emphasizes standout features like broad compatibility with Apple and Android devices, along with rich, dynamic sound quality. The packaging itself is noteworthy, with the rear of the case featuring a transparent window that previews the E11C’s sleek aesthetics without needing to open the box.

Inside, you’ll find the headphones, a protective pouch and multiple silicone eartips for a customized fit. The E11C epitomizes classic in-ear style, with both earpieces connected by a cable with an inline remote for control. A 3.5mm plug enables connectivity to your devices.

As an audio brand since 2005, SoundMagic is known for delivering quality in-ear headphones at budget prices. The E11C is no exception, with durable aluminum housing and a subtle silver finish. Compared to the SoundMagic E10, the E11C has a more understated look that avoids drawing excess attention.

These compact, unobtrusive earphones include a small pouch for portability and cable organization. The sound quality is satisfactory for the size, with decent power despite the lack of active noise cancellation. For the price, the SoundMagic E11C punches above its weight.

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2. JBL Endurance Run

JBL Endurance Run

JBL Endurance Run

Key Features:

    • Built for sports with secure Twistlock fit
    • Sweat-resistant construction ideal for workouts
    • One-button remote and mic for easy control

The JBL Endurance Run earphones are crowned the best wired headphones for sports and workouts in 2023. JBL’s latest lineup of sport-focused wired earphones has made a splash, catering to athletic enthusiasts seeking music-enhanced training.

Engineered to endure intense indoor/outdoor workouts, the Endurance Run has the necessary durability and fit to motivate your exercise routine. The specialized anti-tangle cable prevents frustrating detangling each use – just remove from the case and you’re ready to go.

The design incorporates Flexsoft ear cushions and Twistlock technology for a secure customized fit guaranteed to stay put. Sweat resistance ensures these sport earphones withstand sweaty sessions in stride.

For seamless control, the Endurance Run has an integrated one-button remote and built-in mic for call management. Running lovers who need a rugged, lightweight companion can enjoy their playlists and go the distance with these JBL headphones.

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3. Sony MDRXB55AP



Key Features:

    • Powerful 12mm drivers enhanced with Bass Duct technology
    • Deep, punchy bass and clear mids/highs
    • Hands-free calling with in-line mic

The Sony MDRXB55AP earphones are widely considered one of the best wired options for 2023 for their potent sound and convenience. Equipped with 12mm drivers and Sony’s Bass Duct technology, these earphones deliver impactful bass and sub-bass for an amplified listening experience.

Beyond superb sound, the MDRXB55AP also offers integrated controls and a microphone for hassle-free calling. The comfort level is also top-notch, matching the high audio standards Sony is known for. Though not the most premium model, the MDRXB55AP doesn’t compromise on great sound for the price.

It produces pleasing audio across genres, with the Bass Duct tech providing thumping lows favored by many users. Cable management is easy with the serrated design that averts tangling. For music lovers wanting bass-forward wired earphones without breaking the bank, the MDRXB55AP is a fantastic choice.

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4. Moondrop Starfield Carbon

Moondrop Starfield Carbon

Moondrop Starfield Carbon

Key Features:

    • Elegant design inspired by the night sky
    • Dynamic driver with carbon nanotube diaphragm
    • Vivid and controlled sound across frequency range

Regarded as the most beautifully designed wired earphones of 2023, the Moondrop Starfield Carbon delivers aesthetically and acoustically. Its sleek navy blue and magenta design is inspired by the night sky, with a glittering carbon fiber finish.

Built to last with a sturdy metal construction, the Starfield Carbon resists tangles with its smooth wire. It utilizes a 2-pin connector for convenience and includes a round aluminum case for safe portability. The lightweight, ergonomic shape allows for comfortable long-term wear.

Notable is the lack of audible hiss when connected to different audio sources. The Starfield Carbon uses a dynamic driver coated with carbon nanotube technology to handle bass frequencies typically challenging for single balanced armature drivers.

This innovative dynamic driver retrieves details and extends into the high frequencies better than conventional dynamic designs. The result is stellar audio reproduction that remains tight and controlled across the frequency range. For those wanting great wired earphones that look and sound heavenly, the Starfield Carbon shines.

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5. 1MORE Quad Driver

1MORE Quad -Best Wired Earphones

1MORE Quad

Key Features:

    • Four balanced armature drivers for sophisticated audio
    • Tuned drivers provide sensational frequency response
    • Refined metal finish and reinforced connections
    • Top-tier sound quality and accessories

Earning the top spot for best overall wired earphones is the 1MORE Quad Driver. This impressive pair offers flawless audio and addresses previous design quibbles through durable construction and aesthetics.

The four balanced armature drivers in each earpiece enable a sophisticated frequency response and sensational level of sonic detail. 1MORE’s attention to quality is clear, from the premium metallic finish to the reinforced rubberized connectors.

By tuning each of the quad drivers to a specific frequency range, accuracy and clarity is remarkably enhanced. Vocals sound pristine, while instruments retain natural timbres across a wide dynamic range. The redesigned control module provides intuitive control without needing to look.

Add in the comfortable angled fit, high-res certification and accessories like a leather case, and the 1MORE Quad Driver is difficult to beat. Audiophiles seeking wired earphones with sophisticated engineering and tuning will find these headphones justify every penny.

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Conclusion of Best Wired Earphones

Whether you want superior audio fidelity or workout-ready durability, this list offers the top wired earphones to enhance your listening in 2023. Evaluate the key features and full details and decide which pair best suits your budget and needs. Any of these high-performing picks will deliver an exceptional wired listening experience.


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