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Nowadays, marketers and business owners have been overwhelmed by the never-ending list of marketing tasks and responsibilities. Dealing with these situations expected them to be multitaskers, managing everything from planning to daily executing and campaigns observing.

However, thanks to AI technology development,  many of the heavy jobs is done for you. The ideal AI marketing tools ought to assist with time-consuming chores like ideas creating, content writing, and organizing tasks. AI tools for marketing help you saves tons of time, money and increases productivity.

In facts, there are serveral AI marketing tools in the market nowadays. And most of them requires a purchase for using its features. For those who are not familiar with the technical works, it can be a challenge to choose the right one at the beginning!

Therefore, in this article, I am going to show you best 8 Free AI tools for marketing to enter the era of digital business. There might be a premium packages with pricing afterward to suit your higher demands. But don’t worry, It’s still free to get familiar to AI tools for marketing and online businesses.

First, let’s go over some of the terms, benefits and variables to consider when choosing good AI marketing tools.

Quick look of the best Best 8 Free AI Tools For Marketing Productivity 2024:

  • 1. ChatGPT/ Bard AI/ Bing AI – Free AI Marketing Bots that you MUST know!.
  • 2. Hubspot AI – Every AI Marketing Tools in ONE platform you need for Marketing & Online Businesses.
  • 3. TextCortex AI (AI Marketing Bot) – One AI copilot that truly gets you.
  • 4. Quillbot AI (AI content paraphraser) – Beyond the most used paraphraser tool.
  • 5. Fliki (AI video generator) – Video creation made 10x simpler & faster with AI.
  • 6. Invideo (AI video generator) – Create professional videos from text prompts in 5 mins.
  • 7. Canva AI (Image Editor) – Best Free well-known Image Editor for everyone.
  • 8. Rytr (AI text generator) – Cheap and favorite AI content writer tool.

What are the AI Tools For Marketing?

What is AI tools for Marketing

What is AI tools for Marketing

AI marketing tools are software solutions that automate regular work, speed up researching and brainstorming processes, and enhance different elements of digital marketing via the utilization of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Rather than eliminating human presence, this technology of automation may be seen as a supplementary tool that can assist with strategy and creativity.

Some of the benefits that AI marketing tools may help with are:

  • Ideas for content that are optimized for different platforms
  • Enhancing content visibility in search results
  • Mechanizing routine tasks
  • Market information and audience insights collected from consumer data.
  • Media creating from simple input
  • Auto responding and chatting with customer

In the end, AI marketing tools help marketers concentrate on innovative ideas and last tweaks, guaranteeing that tactics are tailored and efficient.

Benefits Of Using AI Marketing tools

Benefits Of Using AI Marketing tools

Benefits Of Using AI Marketing tools

AI marketing tools is a game changer for your businesses and marketing works. According to Hubspot, 67% of marketers believe the most significant benefit of AI is the capacity to produce content more quickly. In fact, there are tons of benefits applying AI tools for digital marketing. Let’s look at the top 8 benefits of utilizing AI in your digital marketing:

  1. Content generation: This is the most significant and popular application of AI tools for marketing. Software powered by AI can take advantage of customer information to provide entirely personalized content based on each user’s demographics and preferences. This allows advertisers to be more effectively focus on their messages and works to reach out to potential customers.
  2. Data Analysis: AI tools for marketing can assists marketers in collecting and analyzing user’s data to acquire insights into customer behavior. Advertisers may utilize this data to design tailored campaigns that address specific customer demands and desires.
  3. Idea generation: Another significant advantages of AI is its ability to assist you in brainstorming new marketing campaign concepts. If you’re searching for new key phrases, subjects for articles, or strategies for reaching your target market, AI can help you come up with fresh perspectives that you would never think of.
  4. Headlines suggestion: AI marketing tools can help you to catch user attention by improving your headlines. By analyzing data from the audience you are targeting, AI may recommend titles that are more inclined to catch their interest and motivate them to interact with your content.
  5. Time saving: AI tools can help you produce a wonderful first draft in as fast as a blink, performing  upto 90% of the work. This allows you to devote more time to other parts of your promotional strategy, such as communicating with your target audience and analyzing your data.
  6. Cost saving: Fair to say, AI literally can help you save money on marketing activities. By automating key processes, you may eliminate the need for costly human resources while still producing excellent outcomes.
  7. Efficiency: Of course! Instead of using one brain for works, now you have many. By automating jobs and optimizing procedures, you may complete more tasks in less time, giving you time and cofort to focus on other parts of your marketing plan.
  8. SEO optimization: AI can optimize your written material for better discovery on search engines. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important part of online marketing, and AI may assist speed up the process by assess your content and recommend adjustments to make it easier for search engines. This may help your content rank higher in the results of searches, resulting in increased visitors to your website and, eventually, more transactions.

The Key Pros and Cons of Using AI tools for Marketing

AI marketing technologies, like any other technical innovation, have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at both.


  • Efficiency: They can handle massive volumes of data in a moment, saving business resourses both money and time.
  • Accuracy: By analyzing massive datasets, AI systems may deliver precise and dependable insights into customer behavior, interests, and tendencies.
  • Personalization: They may design individualized advertising campaigns based on specific consumer preferences, which improves the overall satisfaction of customers.
  • Cost-effective: Making automated marketing processes allows businesses to save money on manpower and improve their advertising expenditures.


  • One potential obstacle for small enterprises is the initial expenditure required to use AI solutions.
  • Reasons to be concerned about data privacy: Data privacy and security are important considerations when collecting and analyzing large datasets.
  • Despite their accuracy, AI systems can’t replace a human being when it comes to building relationships with clients on an emotional level.

Things to consider when using AI tools for marketing

AI tools for marketing can boost your advertising efforts, but they’re not a miracle. All programs also have limitations and requires careful control and well-crafted AI prompts.

Your campaign strategy needs human touch.

AI is great for saving time, but we should not rely too much on it. For instance, AI can monitor consumer behavior, but it can’t grasp human emotions or cultural details which may influence marketing campaigns.

That’s why artificial intelligence must be balanced with human emotional intelligence.

Not every audiences like AI content

Content produced by AI is fast and data-driven, however some people want authenticity and professional judgment. Trust and competence are especially important in areas like healthcare, legal services, and luxury products.

Using AI-generated content without addressing your audience’s preferences might alienate them and damage your business.

Choose the right tools for your demands

You need to choose AI marketing tools that meet your demands. This implies you should carefully consider what your company requires and which technologies will best satisfy it. If your business relies on social media for advertising, you may require tools to evaluate trends and produce compelling content.

If your firm relies on email marketing, you may require a platform to automate campaigns and track subscribers. You’ll also get a better ROI, boost efficiency, and improve customer service by choosing products that fit your organization.

Thus, before making major expenditures, take time to study, and test alternative technologies.

Gather enough data

Success with AI marketing tools is all about quality input data. A few things to consider:

  • Understand your needs: Know what data your organization needs and which marketing tools can collect it.
  • Obtain trustworthy data: Make sure your data sources are reliable.
  • Maintain consistency: Use automated technologies to collect data consistently to gain insights.
  • Inform choices using data: Use your data to create business-boosting advertisements.

AI marketing tools can’t be fully utilized without enough data, so bear these in mind while using them for your future works.

Best 8 Free AI Tools For Marketing – TRY IT NOW

Best 9 Free AI Tools For Marketing

Best 9 Free AI Tools For Marketing

Let’s check it out the best 9 free AI Marketing tools to boost your Online Businesses productivity!

1 – ChatGPT (Or Bard AI/ Bing AI) – Free AI Marketing Bots that you MUST know!

Nowadays, there are several AI tools for marketing. But remember what led AI to become a revolution! Yes, it is ChatGPT!

ChatGPT and other AI Bots, such as Bing AI and Bard AI (best free AI tools for marketing), may assist with subject researching, idea generating, and marketing content creation (e.g., emails, articles, social media materials, landing sites, Google AdWords, photos, videos, etc.).

These are AI Chat platforms that you MUST know of because they are free and you can easily get started with AI assistances. However, in order to make best use of these AI platforms, you need to know how to make a correct and wise prompts (How to make AI understand your demands).

Fortunately, there are many excellent AI tools that include ultimate prompts, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

ChatGPT is available via online and mobile app, offering two plans: Free and Plus, which costs $20 a month for the Plus one. The subscription edition provides faster response times, first access to new upgrades and features, as well as use to the tool even during busy hours.

You may utilize ChatGPT for social media, brainstorming marketing-related ideas, and drafting first content, but you should verify the accuracy of any data it proposes. You might additionally want to add complexity to the final material to guarantee that it speaks correctly to your intended audience.

ChatGPT is one of the most effective AI marketing tools for content writers, digital marketers, and businesses trying to increase their written production.

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2 – Hubspot AI – Every AI Marketing Tools in ONE platform you need for Marketing & Online Businesses

Every AI Marketing Tools in ONE platform you need for Marketing & Online Businesses

Every AI Marketing Tools in ONE platform you need for Marketing & Online Businesses

Hubspot is one of the most outstanding AI marketing platforms in 2024. In the previous post discussing about a question Is Hubspot The Best AI Marketing Tool For Marketers?, you may get ideas of the useful tools included in the Hubspot platform for your marketing works.

HubSpot’s new AI features bring a transformational approach to customer relationship management (CRM) software, emphasizing automation and insight analytics. These capabilities speed up processes like content conducting, communication responding, data analysing and freeing up valuable time for strategic initiatives.

HubSpot AI’ Popular Features:

  • AI-Powered CRM
  • AI Email Writer
  • AI Blog Writer
  • Chatbot Builder
  • One-Page Website Builder
  • AI Paragraph Rewriter
  • Meta Description Generator
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Social Caption Generator

With Hubspot, you are able to access most of these awesome features and use it freely without entering credit cards (Of course there are premium plans for higher demands to purchase).

Furthermore, AI-driven insights provide significant knowledge into customer behavior and patterns, allowing for decision-making based on pricise data. With over 90% of marketing and sales professionals admitting AI’s importance in improving the quality of content, HubSpot’s AI content tools optimize message for engagement.

Finally, HubSpot’s AI simplifies outreach and finds prospective leads, promoting effective sales and marketing processes. And at Hubspot, you are able to access  Full AI tools for marketing free.


3 – TextCortex AI (Powerful AI Marketing Assistant) – One AI copilot that truly gets you

TextCortex AI Marketing Bot

TextCortex AI Marketing Bot

The next tool in the list of Free AI tools for marketing is TextCortex AI.

TextCortex is a powerful AI writing assistant that can help you generate any form of content, from posts on your website to product details to persuasive mailing messages.

Like other AI writing generators, may be utilized by anybody, including students, copywriters, and company owners. It works well for a variety of purposes, including enhancing your writing skills, researching data, coming up with advertising ideas, creating long-form post, ect.

TextCortex AI is a convenient tool that you can engage with the program in a variety of ways. It includes a browser extension, Creator Suite, and 60+ templates to enable you write content in over twenty languages for a variety of purposes. It also has a decent Free Plan, which allows you to use the primary functions and receive 10 credits free every day.

For example, you may discover creativity from their 60+ AI templates or simply start with a clean paper. They also provide a Chrome extension and a web app, allowing you to write from anywhere.

TextCortex includes all of the content creation elements you need to create professional material, yet it’s less expensive than some other AI writing tools available on the marketplace.

TextCortex’s premium plans begin at $24.99 and include unlimited credit. Jasper AI, on the other hand, costs $29.99 with a 20,000-word cap, and the price may potentially rise to hundreds of dollars each month as more words are added. Rytr begins at $9 per month and has a maximum of 100,000 words. Unlimited characters are available for $29.99 a month, which is only $5 higher than TextCortex.

TextCortex’s cost is incredibly competitive, particularly if you plan on producing 20,000 or more words each month. The Free Plan is also really fantastic, with 10 free projects every day and no credit card necessary.


4 – Quillbot AI (AI content paraphraser) – Beyond the most used paraphraser tool

Quillbot AI (AI content paraphraser) - Beyond the most used paraphraser tool

Quillbot AI (AI content paraphraser) – Beyond the most used paraphraser tool

Anyone who has ever written knows how challenging it is to create original ideas and produce high-quality, engaging material. The QuillBot comes in to help you deal with it. By providing rephrasing recommendations, grammatical checks, and plagiarism detection, QuillBot is an AI-powered writing assistance that helps writers better their work.

For authors who want to refine their craft and produce greater quality content, QuillBot is a must-have tool. In a flash, QuillBot can rewrite entire articles, paragraphs, or even phrases using its sophisticated algorithms. Particularly when time is of the essence, this may be a lifesaver.

QuillBot also has a grammar checker that may enhance your writing by highlighting mistakes.

With a few clicks, QuillBot can reword entire papers, paragraphs, or even phrases using its machine learning and AI algorithms.

The fact that QuillBot gives millions of individuals all around the world access to a variety of tools that can help them become better writers is one of its primary advantages. Up to seven distinct writing styles are built within the tool, including:

  • Standard
  • Fluency
  • Creative
  • Shorten
  • Expand
  • Summarize, and
  • Simplify

Whatever your writing preferences may be, you’ll find that each mode offers unique features to fit it.

In terms of usability, QuillBot is effortless to navigate. It is easy to begin using the tool due to its user-friendly and intuitive UI. The primary panel is clean and simple to use; all of the functions are prominently displayed and simple to find.

Among QuillBot’s most appealing features is the option to switch between several writing styles. Paraphrasing, summarizing, expanding, or starting from scratch are all options available to you. Thanks to its adaptability, you can make the tool work for you.

If you’re looking for a paraphrase tool, QuillBot has a free plan with limitations. Access to the following basic paraphrase features is available with the free plan:

  • Standard and Fluency modes
  • 3 synonym options, and
  • A freeze word or phrase option

Anyone new to QuillBot or with small paraphrasing demands can benefit from the free plan.

In fact, the majority of QuillBot customers go for the premium package. It has premium features including faster processing speed that the free plan doesn’t have.

  • Faster processing speed
  • Advanced grammar rewrites, and
  • Tone detection

Rewriting grammatical rules at an advanced level and tone detection

The premium subscription unlocks an infinite supply of freeze words. To further guarantee that your material is unique, the premium plan comes with a plagiarism detector.

If you want to save money, you can subscribe for the premium plan yearly for $59.95 instead of $19.95 every month. Indeed, Quillbot is one of the Free AI tools for marketing that I use the most often.


5 – Fliki (AI video generator) – Video creation made 10x simpler & faster with AI

Fliki AI video generator - Video creation made 10x simpler & faster with AI

Fliki AI video generator – Video creation made 10x simpler & faster with AI

Fliki is a revolutionary AI video generator that has been picked and recommended by marketers and company owners throughout the world.

Fliki allows you to create high-quality audio and video content by using innovative generative AI algorithms that smoothly turn your written content, including blog posts, articles, scripts, and more into fascinating movies, voiceovers, and more.

Fliki is also an adaptive text-to-speech converter with a wide database of over 800 human and artificial voices, enabling users to adjust the aural experience of their material to their own requirements, thereby personalizing their movies.

Fliki AI the excellent choice for individuals and businesses of all sizes. It includes a user-friendly design, a wide range of functionality, and powerful AI capabilities to meet all of your media creation demands.

These are some important facts about Fliki:

  • Fliki has proven its worth by earning the trust of more than 1.5 million content creators, demonstrating its extensive use and efficacy.
  • Outstanding User Pleasure: Fliki’s average happiness rating of 4.8/5 based on 2000+ reviews on Trustpilot or G2 demonstrates its efficacy and usability.
  • Fliki provides a FREE LIFETIME TRIAL with an allowance of around 500 words each month, offering clients to test its features without making any payments.
  • Voice Customization: Users may tailor their voices by modifying pauses, spellings, and accents to exactly match their brand voice.
  • Variety of Media Resources: Fliki has a public database with over 6 million media assets, enabling the creation of contents simple with a wide range of visual and audio features.
  • Make Your Videos More Accessible: Add subtitles to your videos to make them more user-friendly and open to a wider audience.
  • A large collection of soundtrack may take your material to the next level, making it more polished and interesting to watch.

Fliki offers a free package for anyone. This is a worth-using free AI tools for marketing that I recommend to everyone.

Fliki AI Free Plan

Fliki AI Free Plan


6 – Invideo (AI video generator) – Create professional videos from text prompts in 5 mins

Invideo can create professional videos from text prompts in 5 mins

Invideo can create professional videos from text prompts in 5 mins

InVideo AI is an online video editing and sharing platform, similar to Powtoon and Promo.com. Currently, this platform contains over 4,000 templates and over 50 varied themes covering a wide range of topics. With these available templates, you can produce professional, eye-catching videos in about 5 minutes.

InVideo eliminates the requirement to install heavy software or learn how to use complex tools or capabilities. Because InVideo is an Online tool that generates attractive and gorgeous videos while saving you a lot of time, even if you are not technologically savvy or do not know how to utilize professional video making software.

If you are a creative person, you can easily customize these templates to reflect your own brand or personal impression. InVideo also gives Blank templates (totally blank) to help you turn your ideas into appealing videos that captivate visitors.

Currently, more than 1.5 million users using InVideo. This is a packed with rich functions and user-friendly application for designing and editing videos. You can totally change the post format to videos on Instagram, YouTube, or Linkedin Stories. This is a significant advantage of InVideo over professional design softwares.

Updated January 2024: InVideo is now connected with ChatGPT (Plus), allowing you to rapidly produce videos using ChatGPT.

There is a FREE plan available for anyone who wants to explore AI video creation, which allows you to generate up to 10 minutes of video per week. That is sufficient for standard demand in video marketing.


7 – Canva AI (Image Editor) – Best Free well-known Image Editor for everyone

Canva AI - best Free well-known Image Editor for everyone

Canva AI – best Free well-known Image Editor for everyone

Canva AI is an online design tool developed by Canva, an Australian-based firm. This program makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to allow users to easily produce professional designs. Canva AI enables even non-designers to generate amazing artwork.

Canva AI provides a number of useful features, including the ability to create and modify drawings, photos, charts, slideshows, videos, and a variety of other documents. These elements are divided into several areas, including graphic design, business document design, social network design, advertising banner design, and others.

Canva AI also includes a vast library of pictures and fonts that users can easily select and use in their designs. Canva AI also supports searching photos by theme, color, or file type, which saves time and improves user efficiency.

Canva AI has announced a new function that allows users to create films using AI. This tool enables users to quickly and easily make professional-quality films. Canva AI enables customers to produce unique, professional promotional films, product introduction videos, and company introduction videos.

Why shoul you use Canva AI?

  • Ease of use: Canva AI’s design is simple to use and suitable for both beginners and experienced designers. The Canva AI interface is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing users to generate work fast and easily.
  • Save time: Canva AI eliminates the need to spend time searching for and modifying documents or photos. Canva AI’s design templates let consumers save time when designing.
  • Diverse features: Canva AI offers a variety of features and tools to help users create unique and professional designs. Canva AI has some great features, including the ability to create and modify drawings, photos, charts, slideshows, and videos.
  • Diverse library: Canva AI offers a vast database of photos and fonts that customers can easily select and utilize to create their own goods. Users can also search for photographs by topic, color, or file type, which saves time and increases productivity.
  • Popularity: Canva AI is intended for both businesses and individuals. This means that this product enables you to work with a diverse range of customers. Furthermore, when using Canva AI, you may interact with a big creative community. This is the ideal tool for you.
  • Versatility: Canva AI works on a wide range of devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This allows users to create and edit documents and photos.


8 – Rytr (AI text generator) – Cheap and favorite AI content writer tool

Rytr - AI text generator - Cheap and favorite AI content writer tool

Rytr – AI text generator – Cheap and favorite AI content writer tool

Rytr is an AI content gnerator that generates content for marketing-focused social networking sites, blog articles, and other content creations. Its goal is to create interesting, relevant content. Suitable and high-quality in seconds, free!

Rytr can generate high-quality documents in seconds by providing simple suggestions and subjects. With your directions, it will complete a task that would take you hours in seconds.

It also includes pre-built plans and sketches for the materials you choose, and you may select from a variety of various sorts based on your preferences before deciding on one.

Key Features and Benefits of Rytr

  • History: History ensures that whatever you produce is always available. As a result, you don’t have to worry about losing documents by saving them somewhere else. All produced papers can be retrieved from history. However, as you produce more documents, your history will grow, and it may be difficult to identify precise results. With this in mind, a function allows you to remove a certain result from the history.
  • Team management: Collaboration with internet technology is the current trend. Rytr’s Team Management feature enables you to work with your team on documents.
  • Creativity Level: Rytr’s new feature, Invention Selection, allows you to decide the level of inventiveness in your writing output. You can set the creative level to Low, Medium, High, Maximum, Default, or None. It could be similar to the reading skill level for fifth-graders. AI is useful for introducing originality into documents.
  • Select Multiple Output versions: You can set the number of versions for your text. Using Rytr’s free plan will cost you more credits. If you like Rytr, consider upgrading to the premium plan. As a result, you will be entirely self-sufficient when working with the program.
  • Multiple languages ​​& tones: You can switch between several languages and tones when creating documents. As a result, you can produce papers in any language and tone.
  • Usability: Its clean, basic user interface and wholly original design make it simple for everyone to use. Rytr is simple to use for anyone who understands the fundamentals of online technologies. There is nothing unusual or tough about the curriculum that will jeopardize your studies or prevent you from joining schools or clubs.
  • User Interface:: Rytr’s user interface is elegant and simple to use. You can easily manage papers on any device because it is responsive. In addition to pop-up and full-screen modes, the writing experience is improved and made more elegant.

Rytr is a free AI tools for marketing that you should put it in the list!

Rytr free AI tool for marketing plan

Rytr free AI tool for marketing plan



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