[2024] Top 5 Best Dog Treadmill for Home Exercise

Regular exercise is essential to keep your dog fit and healthy. But consistently walking or running your dog can be difficult with a busy schedule. A dog treadmill offers a convenient solution for getting your pup the activity they need each day.

We’ve tested and reviewed the leading dog treadmill models to identify the top options across all sizes and budgets. Keep reading for our in-depth treadmill reviews, product comparisons, and tips for choosing the right one for your canine companion.

Benefits of a Dog Treadmill

Before jumping into specific treadmill models, let’s look at why a treadmill can be beneficial for your dog:

    • Provides daily cardio exercise if you can’t walk/run them regularly
    • Allows for exercise regardless of weather conditions
    • Helps dogs burn energy and lose excess weight
    • Offers mental stimulation and enrichment
    • Low-impact and joint-friendly exercise for senior or injured dogs
    • Alternative to outdoor walks if your dog has reactivity issues

Treadmills are a supplement to outdoor activity, not a replacement. But they offer a great way to get your dog moving on days when you can’t take them on a proper walk or run.

What to Look for in a Dog Treadmill

To find the right treadmill for your dog, keep these key factors in mind:

Size and Weight Capacity

Measure your dog and ensure they fall within the weight and size limits. Leave some extra room for growth if your dog is young.

Speed Range

Look for adjustable speeds up to around 10-12 MPH for athletic dogs. Slower top speeds around 5 MPH suit smaller or senior pups.

Incline Settings

Adjustable incline between 0-10% adds versatility to increase exertion as your dog gets fitter. Non-motorized inclines adjust manually.

Size of Running Surface

Bigger is better, especially for large breeds. Look for belt lengths of at least 40 inches. The width should allow room for your dog to turn around comfortably.

Safety Features

Emergency stop buttons, handrails, non-slip belts and side guards help prevent injury. Make sure the machine has ample safety precautions.

Noise Level

Excessively noisy operation can make treadmill training difficult. Seek out quieter motors and belt designs to keep your dog calmer.


Simple speed and time controls are fine. More advanced options let you program interval or endurance workouts and monitor your dog’s vitals.


At least a 1-year warranty provides peace of mind. Lifetime coverage on the frame and motor show even more quality assurance.

5 Top-Rated Dog Treadmills

Based on my in-depth evaluation of popular models, here are 5 exceptional dog treadmills I recommend:

1. GoPet PR720F – Best Overall

GoPet PR720F

GoPet PR720F

With its sturdy construction, generous running space and adjustable speed/incline, the GoPet PR720F can accommodate dogs up to 132 pounds for effective cardio workouts.

The roomy 51” x 16” belt provides enough space for large breeds to run comfortably. Speeds up to 7.5 MPH challenge athletic canines. And the adjustable incline tilts up to 15% to increase exertion when needed.

Safety features like the emergency stop and auto-stop function give me peace of mind. Assembly was straightforward with the detailed manual. For the blend of running surface space, performance and safety, I rank the GoPet PR720F as the best overall treadmill for dogs.

Key Features:

    • Speeds up to 7.5 MPH
    • 15% adjustable incline
    • Generous 51” x 16” running belt
    • 132 pound weight capacity
    • Foldable with wheels for portability
    • Emergency stop and auto-stop safety

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2. DogPACER LF 3.1 – Best for Large Dogs



The massive 71” x 16.5” running platform on the DogPACER LF 3.1 provides ample space for big dogs up to 179 pounds.

The belt adjusts from 0.5 – 7 MPH to accommodate different exercise abilities. I like that you can create custom workout programs targeting endurance, intervals, fat burn and more. The LCD console clearly displays your dog’s vitals.

Assembly instructions could be clearer. But the quality parts and lifetime frame/motor warranty provide excellent value given the size and features. It’s a top choice for giant breed treadmill training.

Key Features:

    • 71” x 16.5” extra large platform
    • 0.5 – 7 MPH variable speed
    • 179 pound weight capacity
    • Custom workout programming
    • LCD console displays vitals
    • Lifetime frame and motor warranty

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3. PETSITE Dog Treadmill – Best Budget

PETSITE Dog Treadmill

PETSITE Dog Treadmill

For small dogs under 30 pounds, the PETSITE Dog Treadmill provides a quality option at a very wallet-friendly price point.

The 30” x 14” running surface suits tiny paws. Speed adjusts between 0.6 – 7.5 MPH through handy remote control. The system mutes loud beeping sounds for less anxious training.

A recessed treat holder encourages your dog during initial treadmill introductions. The setup instructions lacked some clarity. And I wish the manual speed buttons were labeled. But for just over $100, it’s a bargain buy.

Key Features:

    • 30” x 14” running platform
    • 30 pound weight capacity
    • 0.6 – 7.5 MPH variable speed
    • Remote control operation
    • Treat holder for positive reinforcement
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Budget-friendly under $125

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4. dogPACER MiniDOG – Best For Small Dogs



With its compact size and simplified controls, the dogPACER MiniDOG caters to little pups under 25 pounds.

The 38” x 16” exercise surface provides adequate room for short training sessions. The speed reaches up to 5 MPH – perfect for small or senior dogs.

I appreciate that it folds upright after use to minimize space. The basic console displays time, speed and distance only, but that’s sufficient for my needs. At around $150, this pick hits the sweet spot for small breed treadmill value.

Key Features:

    • 38” x 16” compact running platform
    • 25 pound weight capacity
    • Up to 5 MPH top speed
    • Lightweight and folds upright
    • Easy to use manual control panel
    • Budget-friendly for small dogs

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5. GOPET Under Desk Treadmill – Most Innovative Design

GOPET Under Desk Treadmill

GOPET Under Desk Treadmill

The unique under-desk design of the GOPET treadmill allows your dog to get exercise while you work. It’s ideal for small apartment dwellers.

Despite its diminutive size, the GOPET provides ample speed range from 0.6 – 7.4 MPH. The controls are wonderfully simple with just 3 buttons. It runs fairly quietly for a peaceful shared workspace.

My main complaint is that it only accommodates dogs up to 44 pounds. But if you have limited space and want a creative way to exercise your dog indoors, the under-desk setup works remarkably well.

Key Features:

    • Compact under-desk design
    • 0.6 – 7.4 MPH speed range
    • 44 pound weight capacity
    • Built-in safety key and stop button
    • Whisper quiet operation
    • Easy to assemble and store

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Dog Treadmill Training Tips

Once you’ve chosen the right treadmill, follow these tips for successful training:

Take It Slow

Don’t rush into intense workouts. Start at a slow speed for short 5-10 minute sessions to acquaint your dog. Gradually build up duration and speed.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Reward your dog with praise, treats or toys for calmly walking on the treadmill. This motivates them to continue.

Be Patient

Some dogs take readily to treadmills, while others need multiple intro sessions. Let your dog adapt at their own pace without force.

Practice Commands

Teach verbal cues like “walk” and “stop” for speed control. Also train an emergency “off” command. This gives your dog more confidence.

Monitor Closely

Don’t leave your dog unsupervised on a treadmill, especially during initial training. This prevents injuries or frightening situations.

Add Variety

Switch up speeds or alternate between treadmill days and outdoor exercise to keep your dog engaged in their workout routine.

Safety Tips

Follow these precautions to ensure your dog stays safe on the treadmill:

    • Carefully measure your dog against the size/weight limits before purchasing
    • Supervise your dog at all times when they’re on the treadmill
    • Don’t leave the treadmill running unattended, even with your dog off
    • Securely attach the safety clip from your dog’s harness to the machine
    • Keep treats/toys off the actual belt area to avoid choking hazards
    • Frequently inspect the belt and track for damage or excess wear
    • Only allow one dog on the treadmill at a time
    • Gradually build up duration and intensity to avoid overexertion

The Bottom Line

A quality dog treadmill makes it easy to give your furry friend the daily exercise they need to stay fit and healthy. Models like the GoPet PR720F provide an ideal combination of safety, generous running space, and performance features at a reasonable price point.

Be sure to properly introduce your dog to treadmill training for maximum results. With patience and consistency using positive reinforcement, you’ll have a canine cardio companion in no time!


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