[Par1] The ChatGPT list: A collection of 3000+ prompts, GPTs, use-cases, tools, APIs, extensions, fails and other resources.

Updated Feb-28, 2024. Added GPT Store, new resources.

Create by Midjourney

Create by Midjourney

Oh, ChatGPT! After being on the market for a year, it has spawned a huge ecosystem with its own set of prompts, tips, APIs, use cases, extensions, success stories, and failures. ChatGPT stands as the first true foundational model for the mass market. While some posts, blogs, and articles about this new phenomenon are not worth much attention—like “The 10 Best Side Hustles with ChatGPT that Can Earn You $4,000 a Week”—there are genuinely interesting ones. I’ll provide an overview of the more exciting applications.

The launch of ChatGPT is akin to the iPhone moment for AI, garnering 1 million users in just 5 days. However, it didn’t stop there—ChatGPT is now one of the fastest-growing applications ever, even compared to the most successful apps and platforms on the internet.

Here is a breakdown of the various lists, prompts collections, and resources referenced in this story:

  • Introduction to ChatGPT, generative AI, and foundational models (10x)
  • Free prompt engineering courses, masterclasses, and resources (14x)
  • GPT Store with over 1000 resources
  • Marketing content creation with over 500 prompts
  • AI art prompts (50x)
  • Music prompts (16x)
  • Business resources covering accounting to zoology (1,500+)
  • Coding resources (280+)
  • Development tools and extensions (100x)
  • Autonomous AI agents built on ChatGPT (30x)
  • Funny, amazing, and interesting prompts (1,000x)
  • Resources for passing exams (20+)
  • Jailbreaking prompts (50+)
  • Negative opinions about ChatGPT (50x)
  • Concerns about superintelligence leading to catastrophic outcomes (100x)

The ChatGPT ecosystem is rapidly evolving. If you have or maintain a list of ChatGPT prompts or resources, please let me know by responding to this article and providing the link and details about it.

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10+: Intro to ChatGPT, generative AI and foundation models

Create by Midjourney

Create by Midjourney

1x: Intro and many, many resources on generative AI

The inventors and great minds at OpenAI, talk about ChatGPT:
1x: A semi-official intro to ChatGPT by OpenAI (Nov-30, 2022)
1x: GPT-4 is introduced and way better than ChatGPT (Mar-14, 2023)
1x: GPT-4 is integrated into ChatGPT Plus (Mar-14, 2023)
1x: OpenAi is rolling out custom instructions for ChatGPT (Jul-20, 2023)
1x: The GPT Store is rolled out (Jan-10, 2024) providing many custom GPTs (ChatGPT Plus)

1x: Understanding the underlying architecture of the Transformer models — pretty complex — but worth a look even if you cannot grasp everything.

14x: Free prompt design and prompt engineering tutorials, courses and masterclasses

There are thousands of paid ressources on prompt engineering, you can even enroll in prompt design courses at universities. But you don’t have to pay. There are excellent free resources on the web.

10x: The best free prompt engineering courses for ChatGPT and other language models and for AI Art Models like MidJourney
1x: Comprehensive and excellent video-supported courses on prompt design (by Andrew Ng and Isa Fulford) — Free for a limited period, registration necessary
1x: Vanderbilt University: Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT. 3 weeks with 6 hrs each. Free course. Tests and certificates are at USD 49.-
1x: Free prompt engineering masterclass: The 10 most important prompt engineering techniques — Free
1x: Many, many prompting techniques and examples, not extremely structured, but very extensive — free.

1000+: GPT Store

The GPT Store offers a wide variety of custom GPTs for different purposes, available for purchase. These include personal prompt generation, daily schedule organization, presentation and logo design, memory-efficient task management, step-by-step tech support, website development and hosting, AI-generated insights, explanation of board and card games, digital artistic creation, and text-based adventure games.

GPTs Store

GPTs Store

200+: Curated list of best / most useful GPTs in the GPTStore
1000+: Overview and search on GPTs

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500+: (Marketing) content creation

ChatGPT has consumed the internet voraciously, accumulating a vast amount of worldly knowledge and facts as if it anticipated the internet’s shutdown. However, it’s important to note that its most significant learning from the web is the art of persuasive communication and crafting messages for optimal marketing outcomes.

Image Credit: Dave Chaffey. Note: The snippet is part of a longer conversation on marketing for an office cleaning service.

Image Credit: Dave Chaffey. Note: The snippet is part of a longer conversation on marketing for an office cleaning service.


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